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Standard Tuning & Seasonal Service

Getting Things in Tune

Recommended for all acoustic pianos at least every 6-12 months, this routine service will get your piano sounding flawless in about two hours. Our visit will include a thorough condition assessment, fine tuning, dusting and lubrication, repair of any faulty or sticky keys, and much more. We even offer touch-up voicing to make the piano more melodic, as well as touch-up regulation to make the keys easier to play. Get started by scheduling an appointment today.

Pitch Correction & Seasonal Service

Add Vibrancy to Your Sound

If your piano has not been properly serviced in three or more years, we recommend a pitch correction. This visit includes a condition assessment, pitch correction to restore your piano’s standard concert pitch, as well as things like fine tuning, dusting, lubrication, and more. Not sure when your piano was last serviced? This is the perfect option to get things performing their best, and ensure your piano lasts a lifetime. Schedule an appointment today.

Discover The Yankee Difference

Hear a Before & After

Featured below are two piano recordings, one from before a tuning, and one from after. We have also included a concert performance for which we tuned, providing you some insight on the quality tuning services we provide. Click the listen icons to download.

Sample: BEFORE Tuning
Reflections (Moulton)
David M. Moulton, Pianist

Sample: AFTER Tuning
Reflections (Moulton)
David M. Moulton, Pianist

Marche Militaire No. 1, Op. 51, D. 733 (Schubert)
Malcolm Halliday & Olga Rogach, Pianists
Recorded Live at Tuckerman Hall

Humidity Control

We are a fully certified installer of Piano Life Saver Systems, courtesy of Dampp-Chaser. This system provides a consistent environment for your piano, ensuring tunings last longer and your piano sounds the way you expect. Avoid the costly damages humidity can cause with our professional humidity control services. Schedule an appointment and get started on preserving your beautiful piano.

Cleaning Services

Things like dust and dirt can build up on – and in – your instrument over time, negatively impacting the appearance. More importantly, a dirty piano may have difficulty performing as intended, and tuning stability may decrease. Yankee Piano Service can clean your instrument inside and out. Not only will it look better, it will also perform better. We take care of everything, from the cabinet to the soundboard and much more.

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