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Action Regulation

Compensate For Wear & Tear

We offer both partial and full regulation, adjusting the piano’s action to restore it to factory specifications and performance. Action regulation maximizes your piano’s power, control, touch response, and much more. A properly maintained and well regulated piano courtesy of Yankee Piano feels, looks, performs, and sounds much better than you could imagine. We have the skills and qualifications to properly regulate your instrument.


Improve Your Piano’s Tone

Voicing, or tone regulating, helps you reach your desired tonal personality. Over time a piano’s tone will shift as a result of age and wear, so voicing works to get it back in shape. Our voicing process will improve the quality of your piano’s tone, bringing a new vibrance and warmth to your music and more. Enhance your instrument today with our voicing options, and schedule an appointment.

String Replacement & Restringing

Upgrade Your Piano

Restringing a piano is a complicated and tedious process, but necessary to maintain your piano’s unique tone. Our experts are professionally trained at restringing, eliminating any concerns or faulty repairs. We work with all types of pianos, from antiques to the most popular pianos around. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started on upgrading your piano.

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